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May-15 7 74.25% -6.48
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Jun-15 0 0% 0
May-15 8 121.05% +7.28
Apr-15 9 56.31% -16.06
Mar-15 31 145.00% +56.33
Feb-15 8 134.70% +11.14
Jan-15 13 49.34% -26.80
Dec-14 28 107.79% +8.53
Nov-14 15 94.55% -3.37
Oct-14 10 0.00% -41.07
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The cycling expert is back
CYCLING | Thought about first race in Australia
17-Jan-2014 18:11
Holiday Update From Parise
27-Dec-2013 07:54

Parise's Holiday Update

Christmas update on the NHL and AHL

A short Christmas break for most players in North America and for me as well is over and it is time for a look back on this first stretch of the season. The NHL Season As experienced a tipster I consider myself to be, I still hate red numbers. I can handle a month like October, but my ego suffers when starting of a season like I did in October. The -18 units will stand as a reminder of how betting can be cruel at times, but all we need to do, is look one month ahead and look at November's profits. An amazing month with +28 units and I had the feeling that a loosing bet had to come sometime. But the winners were there all month long and ironically, I then began December with 5 loosing bets in a row. What can we learn from these ups and downs? It is the long run that matters! I firmly believe that my winning streaks will be better than my loosing streaks. I know I will be loosing 5 bets in a row many times again, but I also know I will make 10 game winning streaks and that I will repeat my +78-unit December-profits from my time at SpilXperten.com. I know some of my customers followed me back then and they also believe I will hit a month like that again. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the season so far. I had my annual downswing in October and I do not expect a month like that again this season. Especially since there now are so many teams with extreme highs and lows in their performances. This makes my task easier as the season goes along and the variance seems easier to avoid in the middle of the season. I have already made my to-watch schedule for the next three weeks, so I get to watch around 10 NHL games from start to finish. These games are hand-picked, so I watch games that makes sense as for the upcoming games to be analyzed. In addition to this, I use http://dtmts.com/ to watch highlights from most other games. I expect to get closer to 30 picks per month in January, as my O/U picks has been on hold for a bit, while I looked thoroughly at my past performances on this specific betting option. I feel I'm sharper now in this area and I will now post both over and under totals. I still believe I can beat the market, as statistics cannot beat this market. Only knowing the teams as I do and their game plans etc. can. The AHL Season I’m fully satisfied with the season so far. Only problem for me has been the late arrival of odds available, but I have made arrangements so that my Friday afternoon and evening will be my busiest time of week. The AHL is extremely stacked with games on every Friday and Saturday, but odds are often not published before 4-6 PM CET. So expect the quantity to go up on the amount of picks posted. As for the results, I am more than happy with those. Actually I have had very bad luck and we are still killing this market. Can't wait for a hot streak on this small, but lucrative market. For those of you dealing with limits at Bet365, don't panic if odds at Pinnacle drops instantly. Odds usually rises again shortly after and/or just before game time. So don't give up right away. Use oddsportal.com also, so you can be notified via email if the odds you want is available at any given time. What to expect up to the Olympic break I expect around 30 NHL picks in January. I expect at least 20 and hopefully 30 picks on the AHL. Depending on market liquidity, I might be posting picks from various cups and the World Junior Championships, as I follow these as well. These picks will, of course, be posted on the AHL profile. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to enjoying yet another year with Onlinesportsinvestor.com! Happy New Year :) Parise

HOCKEY | Christmas update on ..

New soccer season and free Vuelta picks

Discounts for soccer tipsters and free vuelta espana package availavble.

Soccer season is starting up and we have 2 great soccer tipsters ready for you. Philip who started with us last season and did well with a 10% ROI over the past 100 plays, is currently giving a 50% discount for 1 month at just €34.99. If you are interested in trying out his service go here. We have also presented a new addition to our soccer specialist team. His name is Lavici and is well known in private gambling circles. We are looking much forward to see him perform as well officially as we know he has done for years in private gambling groups. If you are interested in trying out his services the price is €99 for 3 months. This opening offer will be available only the coming 2 weeks. To sign up go here. Yohann Lossouarn will after a bad Tour de France give all of his subscribers a free Vuelta Espana where the only cost will be the SMS charges. The Vuelta will start soon and there will be a limited amount of spaces, so dont wait too long before signing up if you want his picks. Dont forget 499 plays with an ROI of 108.47% is the statistics from a professional tipster. To sign up go here.

SITE | Discounts for soccer..

Philip is back for the new season

Right now you can get a 50% discount on his monthly package.

We're back for the new season! After the 1st round has been played, we're now ready to start making some money on Football Matches. For this season will be covering mainly English, Spanish and Portuguese Main Leagues, also the Main European Competitions - UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League) and on the Internation side, we will be covering the European and South American Qualification for the World Cup and to end the season in style we will be covering the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. For this season we will also be able to provide more tips per week than last season, since this will be a full time dedicated service! Regarding your own benefit and interest, we will start with a 50% cut on the season package for this season (only till the end of August), that way you won't need to spend much money and you will get PROFITABLE tips for a full year, if we consider that the World Cup will be played on Summer! To get my monthly package at a 50% discount go here. Good Luck Everyone and Stay Around, Philip

SOCCER | Right now you can ge..

Hockey season coming up

Parise our hockey expert is ready for new challenges in the upcoming hockey leagues.

Finally summer is over and we are ready for a brand new hockey season. No lockout and a full 82 game NHL schedule, 76 game AHL schedule, a 54 game KHL season, the World Championships. And last but not least, the 2014 Winter Olympics king place in Sochi, Russia. As a hockey fan and a dedicated tipster, you could not ask for any more! First let's take a look back at last season. The lockout made me focus on the Kontinental Hockey League and the American Hockey League. Quickly learned that less factors were known to the market and that the market could be beaten rather easily once you had found your edge. The NHL was not great overall and I assume that some members will be questioning if I have what it takes to beat the world's biggest hockey market. Last season was very disappointing to me and to some of my customers. The only thing that really made last season bad, was the fact that the season ended so soon. At some point during the playoffs, I kind of realized that this would not be another 110 %. Actually I just wanted the season to continue, so that I could prove people wrong and that I would get back on the winning track. I have no doubt that last season was just a lot of bad bounces and every tipster have a down period, but for those of my customers who have been following me for years, they could not care less about last season's result, as it just took a cut into the massive profits I have made for them over the years. What would be disappointing for me as a tipster, is if some of you choose not to follow me from day one. Only to invest in my picks after a long winning period. I have seen this happen to many people who are looking for experts to follow. They join a tipster's service once the expert is peaking, only to hit the inevitable losing streak that always seem to come after a long winning streak. So do yourself a favor and this is not just when making up your mind about my service, but this applies to all services. Either you follow them for the whole season or you don't. Trust me, this is the way to make the most profits on any tipster, who is a proven long term winner. As I am a proven winning tipster, I choose not to make up possible what-went-wrong scenarios. A few results should have gone in our way and the overall outcome would have been somewhat better, but I don't like the Blackhawks after last season ;) After almost 2 months the torture of my ego after looking at my statistics is quickly nearing it's end. September is approaching fast and we have one full month of KHL action before the NHL and AHL leagues begin. I am more than ready and eager to hit the inevitable hot streak. I still have the same urge for beating the market in my own way and I know I will during a full 82 game NHL season. The PariseAHL will be handling the Olympics as well as the World Championships in May. A lot of the AHL picks will be based on my excessive amount of different sources, where the market has no chance to follow the AHL as closely as I do. Also I expect to follow the St. John's IceCaps closely, as their games begin an hour before the NHL games begin. My KHL picks will be based on what I see myself and no so much on sources. Big market movements on the KHL will also be a key to success. The ice hockey loving public has a tendency to play big money on whatever game is on early in the day. This is where I figured out that winning the public's money is another way of making profits on the KHL. Overall I expect an entertaining and profitable season for my customers and myself! Currently I am selling my complete season packages for both AHL, KHL, the Olympics and the entire NHL season at just €999. So if you are looking for the best supplement for the hockey season do not miss out. This offer is only available until 31-8-2013. If you are interested in purchasing this package through another payment method than Paypal, simply email us at admin@onlinesportsinvestor.com. You can buy my package here.

HOCKEY | Parise our hockey ex..

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